President emphasizes to world leaders the need to join hands to eradicate terrorism.

President Maithripala Sirisena says that all countries should be corporate with each other to wipe out international terrorism and religious extremism.

The President said this when he addressed the Conference of Asian Civilizations Dialog, which was held in Beijing, China today (15th) morning.

The first session of the International Conference was held in Beijing this morning under the patronage of Chinese President Xi Jingping, with the participation of President Maithripala Sirisena as a special invitee.

More than two thousand delegates and leaders of forty seven countries attended the summit. The conference aims to discuss the Asian civilizations in the interest of safeguarding mutual trust and respect among the people of the world for the sake of humanity. The conference will be held in Beijing until April 22nd 2019.

Speaking further, the President Sirisena proposed that the voice of this group of Asian civilizations and the unity of the people as a friendly alliance under the leadership of Chinese President Xi Jingping should be an asset to defeat international terrorism and religious extremist terrorism.

A civilization cannot be surpassed by another civilization while the civilization and culture cannot be taken down by any law, amendment, or an international order, said the President.

The President further mentioned that the Sri Lankan civilization was built within a foundation which has a historic identity that dates back  to 2600 years of the Buddhist civilization while the ethnic groups belonging to Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Malay, and Burger are residing and they follow Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Islam religions.

The President expressed the importance of holding hands together by all the nations as one in order not allow any threat to be faced by any country, or ethnic group or any civilization. Sri Lanka, as a country that in free and peaceful is faced with challenges by an unseen forces that impacts Sri Lankan civilization and culture, he said.

President Sirisena called for an international programme to meet the challenges faced by the unique civilizations and cultural values of these countries. He expressed appreciation over the Conference organized by China, a country with a great civilization and thanked President of China Xi Jingpin for giving an opportunity to participate in this important conference.

President s Media Division- 15 May 2019

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