President to Enter into Three Significant Agreements with China on National Security, Development

Sri Lanka and China will enter into three significant agreements during the current official visit of President Maithripala Sirisena to China. These agreements are regarding the mega investments done by China in Sri Lanka, and providing Chinese assistance for the national security of Sri Lanka.

Annually, China is among the prominent countries which generate the most number of tourists to Sri Lanka. As China has currently undertaken several mega investment projects in Sri Lanka, these agreements are vital for Sri Lanka’s development.

Meanwhile, during the meeting held between President Sirisena and Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday, the steps taken by the government to ensure national security following the 21 April terrorist attack were discussed in detail, as well as the steps taken to protect the people.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has agreed to provide 100 Jeeps to the Sri Lanka Police Department on a special request made by the President.

In addition, President Sirisena will explain the current situation of the country, and the positive steps to be taken for the future of the country, in front of international leaders at the Conference on Asian Civilizations Dialogue, which will be held tomorrow in Beijing, China.

President Sirisena is expected to brief the leaders about the steps taken to manage the law and order situation successfully, and the current steps that would ensure investor confidence, as well as the steps taken for the safety and security of foreign tourists.

The President will also explain the operations carried out by the security forces under his instructions to defeat the motives of the extremists, and to strengthen the law and order situation.

Source: DailyFT, 15 May 2019

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